I Wish I Had Known This Photoshop Trick Earlier

In this video tutorial by Christian Möhrle, you'll learn a great technique for improving your wide-angle photos by enlarging distant subjects in your landscape photos.

You might remember an article about selective image transformations I shared a few months ago. Back then, you learned how I typically alter the proportions and perspective in my photos. Shrinking the foreground while growing the background is the most straightforward application of this technique.

While this technique allows you to control distortions very well, it's not as flexible as the perspective warp technique Möhrle shows in his video. I knew about the "Perspective Warp" in Photoshop, yet I seldom used it until now. I always found the results quite unpredictable. If only I had watched Möhrle's video earlier. He shows how, with proper preparation, the perspective warp tool can be used precisely — for example, to enlarge specific elements in a photo.

It still takes practice to get used to, and I prefer selective image transformations for linear adjustments. But I'll keep the perspective warp tool in my editing tools arsenal from now on. And you should too. It might be the best solution to change the size or perspective of individual elements within a picture.

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Michael Breitung is a freelance landscape and travel photographer from Germany. In the past 10 years he visited close to 30 countries to build his high quality portfolio and hone his skills as a photographer. He also has a growing Youtube channel, in which he shares the behind the scenes of his travels as well as his knowledge about photo editing.

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