JR Pastes His Photographs On Buildings Around The World

We were just sent an incredible TED talk with artist "JR". During his speech JR talks about his incredible art project that entailed traveling around the world, photographing locals with power stories, and then pasting their images on the sides and tops of buildings.

The video is long, and starts off a bit slow, but really is worth finishing. At the end of the video JR gives us all a call to action by taking part in his new project "Inside Out". Art is a powerful thing, and can easily change the world.

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I'm glad you posted this. It shows that photography and art can be simple in execution and complex in its impact and application. With a simple 24mm lens this man changed a lot of people's lives.

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this is simply amazing. what he's doing is beyond art

I'm surprised that there are only two comments.

Maybe the video is too long for people to click on, but it was really worth it!

A powerful presentation to say the least. And a huge transformation for the artist going from a "vandal", tagging buildings to doing something as meaningful as this. An applause for the man.