[BTS Video] World's Largest Stop Animation Shot On A Nokia N8

Who needs a clunky camera these days when you've got a 12 megapixel camera in your pocket. Shot using a Nokia N8, the guys over at Aardman (producers of Wallace & Gromit) broke the world record when they produced this short animation. The final video is only 1 minute and 31 seconds but it took them 5 days on the beach to shoot all the images. I think it goes without saying that the amount of time and effort it takes to produce a video like this is tremendous. Click the full post to see the final video.

Final Video
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I love this stuff! It's just cool!

Lauren Jonas's picture

I know! Have you ever seen the movie Mary and Max? Same kind of stuff but it took them 7 years to make! 

awesome video! wasn't it already on fstoppers though? i dunno.. i could be wrong

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I think I remember this post as well :) Be patient, Lauren is in training!

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It is good enough to watch twice :-)

Wow! just wow....

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The video is really cool, i enjoy it so much. but i wonder... who pays for this work? i meant, those people work for free? just for make a short film to show it in vimeo? or is a personal work of somebody?, i'm an ignorant of these stuff.

Nokia is paying for it. No doubt about that.

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You've posted this video before

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Sorry Jens! I'm new to Fstoppers! I'll make a more conscious effort to not let this happen again! 

one might consider this worth reposting ;) :D