BTS "Year of the Horse" Shoot with Profoto Gear

I'm a huge fan of the Profoto gear. When I came across this behind the scenes video on Profoto's blog, I just had to share it with you guys. To kick off the "Year of the Horse" Tokyo-based photographer Irwin Wong came up with a creative shoot in the middle of the forest.  I find when shooting with other radio triggered equipment in a largely wooded area interferes with the transmitter causing problems and sometimes keeping my clients waiting while I figure out what's wrong. Wong proves just how durable and convenient the Profoto system can be. 

Don't miss the final two minutes of the video to see how Wong's took all of these images and composites them together for one final finished product.

via Profoto Blog

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Bruno Inácio's picture

Nice post.

Nathan Hamler's picture

Interesting, but i'd have shot it all at once and it'd still look awesome. haha