Eric Curry Light Paints A Massive B-25 Bomber

Eric Curry is a photographer who specializes in painting with light. Unlike using strobes to exposure your photos, painting with light requires you to use long exposures and constant light sources to effectively "paint" over your subject and capture it on your sensor. The newest image in Eric's American Pride and Passion series is one of the most complex light painting images I've ever seen and the behind the scenes video shows just how much work goes into such a big project. If you enjoy these types of images, be sure to click on Eric's website to see many more examples of his layered light painting photographs.

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Garrett Graham's picture

Great stuff really enjoyed hearing about the process and the final image.

José Trujillo's picture

Can you guys make a small tutorial on this but the Photoshop part of it and how can you take these photos without capturing the movement of the talent?

Patrick Hall's picture

I'd assume they would just stand still and you'd pound them with as much light as possible with either a high ISO or fairly wide aperture.  Then just layer all the images (shot on a tripod) and start masking them in photoshop.

Honestly this photo seems way easier to do with actual strobes than light painting.  Maybe it's because I don't do a lot of light painting :)

James's picture

Spending this amount of time on one single frame
comes to a price ... I'm lucky to see that now ...

wick111's picture

I really like this BTS video. Eric explained his process very well. 

Dejan Danailov's picture

interesting method, and fascinating results. Rely enjoyed
watching this and other videos on YT.

Great vid & photo

Verguenza's picture

Really awesome video and final pic :)

"three guys and a dog," then what makes the other one guy?