How To Add Tattoos To Your Models In Photoshop Like a Pro

Sometimes tattoos can add a lot to the character and the general feeling of your images. The problem is most models you'll work with wont have any tattoos, or won't have the type of tattoo you would like to have in the image. In this 15 minute video tutorial you can learn how to add any tattoo to your subject in Photoshop, and make it look real. The techniques used in this tutorial are very useful for many other uses, so if tattoos are not your thing, it's still a great video to learn from.

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Jérémy Pynthe's picture
Keegan Evans's picture

Now its a punk watch add! Thanks for the tutorial Phlearn team!

Anon's picture

Are you effing kidding me? No wonder photogs and Ps get such a bad name. This about as stupid as stupid gets.

How about photographing real people with real tattoos?

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It's about the technique more than it is about what you do with it. It can be helpful in so many situations. This is just a great example to show you how to use these techniques/methods/tools.

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Love this, thank you so much!!!!! I did a session called lost and my model wanted a tattoo. I had never done it before and the results are amazing!! You rock!
You can see more from the shoot here: