How to Export a Video in Premiere Pro Even if You Are a Beginner

You recently got into video and decided to use Adobe Premiere to edit your footage. That’s fantastic. But now, with your first timeline done, you find yourself in an awkward position: what settings do you use to export your sequence in the best way possible? With photography it’s quite easy, but videography is whole different thing. There are tons of options to choose from, and that’s once you’ve gone past the tens of export formats. In this short tutorial, Justin Odisho will show you how to get a great exported file without having to learn all about codecs, bitrates, and other barbarous settings available.

Getting a hang of editing video is not too complicated, at least to achieve a decent result. But exporting can very quickly become a pain. There are so many options that even if you want to keep things simple, you may not know what to change or leave as is. The first time I opened Premiere, I remember that it took me more than a few seconds before I could get a files ready for YouTube.

Odisho made a very easy to understand tutorial that goes over the most critical aspect of the export for beginners. You’ll learn how you can use Premiere’s preset to export your files in the best format possible for YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, or just in good quality to watch on your computer.

[via Justin Odisho]

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Ryan Mense's picture

Whew, I was going to say, I just use the YouTube/Vimeo/whatever presets in DaVinci and call it good.

Gabrielle Colton's picture

Nice! Took me forever to figure out on my own