[Video] Erik Johansson Discusses His Mind-Bending Photography

At a recent TED Talk, conceptual photographer Erik Johansson broke down his approach and method into a bite-size chat. While many photographers consider their work finished as soon as they hit the shutter button, apply contrast, and upload to Flickr, Erik decides to take it further (quite a bit further, in fact). His images make you stop and think and may take a few minutes to sink in. If you're one of those who asks "yeah, but is it photography?" don't say I didn't warn you.

Let me be the first to say that while I was not familiar with Erik before this video, I took a look at his website and instantly recognized some of his work from ad campaigns. His website, alltelleringet.com, shows off his many talents and a staggering body of work, all of which are unique and show an incredible attention to detail and continuity. It's well worth a visit and I promise that it will inspire you to try out some new compositing techniques or think outside of the box on your next shoot, whether you're a sports photographer, architectural photographer, or wedding photographer.

My favorite thing about the video? His willingness to share, if only briefly, some of his techniques for camera positioning, color matching, and compositing.

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Joop van Roy's picture

 Now that's what i call a visionary! Quite literally in this case. Incredible art.

Jens Marklund's picture

Every time I see another Swedish guy speak in English, I just feel ashamed, haha.

Nicholas Gonzalez's picture

Very inspiring!

Erik Johansson's picture

Cool, thanks for sharing my talk. Apologizes for my English :)

Von Wong's picture

Hey Erik great speech!
sent you a friend request on facebook even though you'll probably just ignore it but I'd be honored to be able to follow you (benjamin Wong on facebook!) 

Jens, den svenska avundsjukan spiller tydligen över landets gränser. Äckligt!
Erik, fantastiskt och inspirerande!

I watched this a couple of days ago. Truly inspiering work Erik!

Michael Kormos's picture

Absolutely mind-blowing

Great talk Erik, I've admired your work for some time now. Thank you for this presentation.

Thomas Ingersoll's picture

wish he would show some tutorials on his photoshop techniques. truly an artist.

Rebecca Britt's picture

I love this, and I would love to try something similar like it someday. Erik, your English is perfectly fine. Beautiful artwork! 

romain VERNEDE's picture

Hi Erik,
I first saw your work while one of my photo was displayed instantshift.
Just wanted to say say I really love your work, ideas, and the way you see you work!
Best regards from France!

John Godwin's picture

Erik's work is phenomenal. If I could steal anyone's style, it would be his!

Dan Albert Soriano's picture

wow you really nailed it.