Don't Cut The Cheese, Pull It

Want to know what goes into creating a few seconds of a Domino's Pizza commercial? How often do you screw your pizza into the table? By the way, I think their hand model may be a serial killer when she isn't pulling cheese.
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Sasha's picture

Thanks fstoppers! Now I miss domino's pizza so bad! I'm so sorry there's no domino's here at my city in Brazil.

By the way, I can't believe how many steps this pizza had to go through just to look like that. It's a hell of a job for a pizza to look good (more than it already does).

c.d.embrey's picture

A typical food shoot! I've seen them paint a turkey, with an airbrush, to get the right look. A good hand model is essential, poring beer or wine for the camera is very different than real life.

Angus's picture

Surely, this is a spoof of "real" food shoots? Isn't that what the last 30 seconds are about?

Stephen Masiello's picture

Haha, Lee and Patrick shooting video on a dslr with a couple softboxes probably could have done the same thing. Ok, they'd probably need the chef and a model but that's about it.
The budget for this must be insane.

c.d.embrey's picture

Spoof or not this is pretty much how a real food commercial is done. This may be hard to believe for someone who isn't in the biz. A typical crew for something like this is a camera crew, lighting crew, grip crew, food stylist and a cook, make up artist (there is make up on the models hands), etc, etc.

Angus's picture

Sure, but the cheese pull lady?! Tell me that's not a finely crafted jibe!

c.d.embrey's picture

"Most food commercials have hand models pouring gravy, dipping a french fry, or cutting meat. Here perfect hands are not as important as the timing and patience required to 'hit one's mark.' " From

I started working in commercials in the 1970s and here are a few of the Hand Model jobs I've seen: spreading margarine, scooping Vaseline® from a jar, poring beer (the head NEVER spilling over the edge) and wine (pore stops at the same place and NEVER splashes) and setting the product down (in the exact same place) take after take.

Go back and listen to what the Cheese Pull Lady says about her job, it is the truth. Being a Hand Model is not an easy job and the good ones work all the time.

James's picture

This is marketing genius, very well done.

Hunter W.'s picture

I love ads about ads.

Kanoa Utler's picture

it says the video is private.. and that's annoying...