Shoot A and B Camera Simultaneously with MōVI

The guys at no film school have done it again. In a recent guest post by the awesome director, Rubidium Wu they show you how to make a cheap DIY multi-camera video rig. The cool thing about this setup is that you can shoot multiple focal lengths in one take giving a similar ascetic to Tommy Wiseau’s in his 2005 film, The RoomHaving multiple cameras / shots is a must for any shoot whether it's for B-camera, context, continuity, or simply variety.

Shooting more than one angle or focal length at once used to be a privilege reserved for high-budget productions, but with the proliferation and accessibility of modern cinema-grade equipment it's now possible for smaller-budget productions.


Rubidium's setup (above) makes use of a Canon EOS 5D III and Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera mounted together with different focal length lenses all attached to a MōVI 10 stabilizer. He created this setup for a project called Crow Hill (currently funding on Kickstarter).

Shooting multiple angles at once has its advantages what DIY filmmaking solutions have you and your crew come up with?

[Via No Film School]

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Your definition of A and B roll are wrong and the title should be changed. Look up what B roll means.

Chad Andreo's picture

Great idea, but It looks like that rig has not been balanced properly for this 2 camera setup. You can see the camera shake everytime the shooter takes a step, which defeats the purpose of the movi IMHO.

We operate a Defy g5 and I can tell you that this video is not balanced properly especially for a Movi. I read somewhere that they would of been better off shooting in 4k, mastering in 1080 and then pegging in for cut aways. At that point you would of achieved the same principle with no "shakes" or "bumps". I wouldn't recommend running the system like this. This would be a classic example of just because you could doesn't mean you should. My hat goes of to them for their mounting efforts however!

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"B Roll" and "B Camera" are not the same thing at all. Experimentation is good, but not when the main purpose of the Movi is clearly compromised. We all have experiments that fail. but we don't usually blast it out on social media.

Why wouldn't you use the same camera to match footage better?

Here's a TLDR to sum up all the comments that beat me to the punch:

Nice idea but don't do it.

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Experimentation is the biggest way to expand and explore the future of filmmaking & photography alike. If something doesn't work out, share it. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes on an idea can open many solutions or avenues. A great concept, admittedly not without it's flaws, but the technique can be used for many applications. Corporate talking heads using 4K and downsampling for a closer perspective as Capion mentioned?

before you start putting 2 cameras on the movi learn to balnce it properly

Oh boy we really just cited The Room. That's bad news. It also links to the wrong IMDB.