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A Great Perspective on Why Gear Doesn't Matter

Yes, we've all heard this talk before, but as usual, Ted Forbes brings a fresh, insightful perspective to the discussion. Take a few minutes to watch this great video.

Fstoppers Interviews Shutterstock Creative Director Terrence Morash About Industry Trends

If you're a photographer or videographer, keeping abreast of creative trends is pivotal to best positioning yourself to continually evolve and turn profits. Fstoppers spoke with Shutterstock Creative Director Terrence Morash about how creative trends are analyzed and predicted and how photographers and videographers can use that information to their advantage.

Win $25,000 by Cutting Together a Music Video for 'Make the Cut'

Want to win $25,000 by showing off your video editing skills? Imagine Dragons has teamed up with Adobe by offering fans full access to uncut footage from the lead single, "Believer," from their upcoming third album. Video editors can download the footage and create their own version of the video for a chance to win numerous prizes.

How to Improve Your Instagram to Pick Up More Photography Work

Instagram is very much a calling card for a good amount of photographers these days. Many of my friends with successful photography businesses attribute a large proportion of their client influx to the app. Here's a great video on how to make your account better.

Drones Are Saving a Life Every Week

Drones are often maligned, whether as nuisances or dangers. Nonetheless, they are a very useful tool for rescuers, so much so that a new study shows they are saving a life every week.

Learn the Full Power of Lightroom's Radial Filter Tool

Lightroom's Radial Filter Tool is one of the most useful local adjustment features in the program, allowing you to easily mask in a wide range of changes. While most of us are aware of its utility, this great video provides a few tips and subtler features you might not be aware of.

Rhino Gets Belly Rub From Kind Cameraman

Cinematographer Garth De Bruno Austin was recently shooting a film on rhino poaching when one of the rhinos walked right up to him and waited to receive a belly rub, which Austin happily provided.

Five Ways to Edit Video More Quickly in Adobe Premiere

Some view editing as the place where the magic happens, while others see it as a necessary evil before they can get back out to shoot some more. Either way, we'd all love to be more efficient at it. These five tips will help you speed up your workflow in Adobe Premiere.

Sample Footage From the Most Bizarre Camera Lens I've Ever Seen

Venus Optics' Laowa lenses are pretty unique; after all, they're the only company I know that makes an ultra wide-angle macro lens. But this 24mm f/14 telescopic macro lens easily beats that in terms of weirdness. Check out this new sample footage, including underwater shots with its waterproof attachment.

How to Create Your Own Preset in Lightroom

Presets are kind of awesome. They're one of the best ways to drastically increase your efficiency in Lightroom and create more consistency between your images. Here's how to create your own.

Learn the Best Ways to Make Selections in Photoshop

The better you are at selecting things, the better you are at Photoshop. It's one of the most fundamental skills. This great tutorial will teach you a multitude of ways to effectively and efficiently make selections in the venerable app.