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Three Common Misconceptions Photographers Have About Histograms

Histograms are a very useful tool for checking that you haven't clipped any blacks or whites in a scene and ensuring you have a proper exposure. However, they're often misunderstood. This great video clears up some misconceptions and shows exactly why they're useful and how they should be used.

You'll Soon Be Able to Shoot Log Video on Your Smartphone

Your smartphone is about to take another step toward becoming a professional videography tool. Filmic Pro will soon be releasing an update that will include a log mode, increasing the app's versatility and capabilities all the more.

NASA Creates Supercomputer Simulation of Drone to Understand Aerodynamics

"NASA Supercomputer" and "DJI Phantom 3" are not words I ever expected to hear in the same sentence. Nonetheless, using advanced computer analysis, the agency has created this simulation of a drone's aerodynamics to help design better models in the future. It's pretty neat to watch.

Preorder Fstoppers Newest Tutorial, 'Photographing the World With Elia Locardi 3'

Fstoppers is heading back out on the road with Elia Locardi to film the latest installment of "Photographing the World." This time time around, the gang will be heading to the Alps, Dubai, and a few countries in South America as they explore even more advanced landscape techniques and post processing. Now is your chance to sign up for early bird access to Elia's new tutorial and to watch a sneak peek video of Elia's crazy travel lifestyle courtesy of Smugmug!

Check Out This Video Tour of a Stunning Concert Hall Using Drones

The Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg, Germany is one of the world's most advanced concert halls and is an absolute sight to behold. To commemorate its opening and showcase its grandeur, this video tour was created, which used drones to provide some unique views of the hall.

This Is a Truly Committed Photography Assistant

If you've ever assisted, you've probably done something that truly tested your commitment to getting the shot at some point. For this one, that meant the possibility of being turned into a human tumbleweed.

How to Set Up Your Mac So You Can Work Most Efficiently

If you're like me, a computer that isn't snappy and intuitive is extremely annoying to you. For those of us that spend hours each day using them for work, changing a few small settings and knowing the right shortcuts can really add up, both in time saved and user experience. Phlearn is here with a great video to get your Mac running correctly.

Lily Robotics Sued for False Advertising and Unfair Business Practices

News came yesterday that the Lily drone would not be released and preorders would be refunded. The company indicated an inability to secure the funds needed for a production run, despite having raised $34 million. However, Lily Robotics failed to mention that they are also being sued by the San Francisco district attorney for false advertising and unfair business practices.

Do You List Your Photography and Video Gear Like a Resume?

I've noticed a peculiar phenomenon lately that I don't quite understand. I'll be browsing someone's website or Instagram, and the piece of information they lead with is the gear they're shooting with. Why do photographers do this?

The Lily Drone Is No More, Refunds Promised

Despite $34 million in pre-orders, the Lily drone will not see the light of day. After three years of development, the team has announced that they have run out of funds and will be refunding anyone who pre-ordered the device.

Is Photography Overrun by White Males?

Anyone can pick up a camera and learn how to shoot, regardless of sex or race. However, if you examine the top tiers of the genre, that basic tenet seems to be less assured. Why is photography seemingly dominated by white males?

Entitled Millennials, Social Media, and the Modern Photographer

I came across a talk in my Facebook feed (of all places) the other day, and I have to admit that it struck a particular chord with me and raised a few questions. As photographers and videographers, we're mostly married to our computers, we have necessary if not uneasy relationships with social media, and many of us are part of the millennial generation. So, how do we find happiness in all this?

ASUS Zenfone AR Takes 92-Megapixel Photos

Cell phone cameras have undoubtedly advanced to levels that make them legitimate photographic instruments in the right circumstances. ASUS is continuing to push the envelope with their new Zenfone AR, which can shoot massive 92-megapixel photos.

Washington Post Makes Egregious Cover Photo Error

As far as typos and editorial errors go, this is a big one, particularly considering the cultural context. The question is: even if it was entirely an innocent mistake, what preconceptions does it indicate?