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[News] Adobe CS6 Software Suite Available for Pre-Order!

Adobe just announced the availability of its new CS6 software suite. Of course, Adobe's software solutions are absolutely necessary for just about every storyteller out there. Patrick gave us a quick look at Photoshop CS6's most awesome features a little while ago if you want to check it out (the new content-aware support is unbelievable!). While we're most excited about Premiere Pro and Photoshop CS6, read on for links to pre-order whatever you've been looking forward to!

[News] NAB 2012 Update!

If you've missed the news, NAB 2012 is going on right now. NAB is the big video show that gives professional broadcasting companies something to look forward to. To that point, there are budget options and other video announcements that are sure to peak the interests of budget shooters as well. So far, Apple, Fujinon, and others have made some interesting announcements...

[News] Canon Cinema EOS 1D, C100, and C500 Coming Soon? reports that Canon is working on both lower- and higher-end versions of the C300, the C100 and C500. While we're unsure about the C100, new rumors indicate that Canon could be ready to announce the C500 along with the previously rumored Cinema EOS 1D DSLR made specifically for video! And all this could happen before the weekend, when NAB 2012 is set to kick off. Read on for some specs!

[Editorial] Hard Drives: What, When, and Where to Buy in a Marked Up Industry

Hard drives are something we all need. But in an industry that advances (i.e. depreciates) so quickly and with increases in price due to flooding in Thailand, how can we be sure we're getting what's right for us? And how can we stay technologically flexible with upcoming releases when we have 'old' hard drives? Do I need Thunderbolt? Do I need more than two hard drives? How can daisy-chaining help me? These are some of the starter questions that lead into an entire breakdown of what you might need in certain situations.

[News] Canon Announces New 60Da for Astrophotography!

In the age of cutting back and serving the mass consumer, seemingly little has been done to cater to smaller, more precisely defined markets. But Canon's new 60Da announced today marks an exception. The camera, now available for pre-order on BHPhotoVideo or Adorama, is Canon's first since 2005's 20Da to be specifically suited for astrophotography with increased infra-red sensitivity to better and more accurately capture the colors of the celestial sky. Find more info and photos as they unfold after the jump!

[Gear] Nikon D800 and Canon 5D MKIII ISO Samples

The Nikon D800 has been much criticized for its enormous megapixel count. And some have worried that packing 36 megapixels into a full frame sensor might lead to decreased low-light performance. These samples, however, push those worries aside. It's no D4, but for 36 megapixels, I think Nikon should win an award for this. Canon took a different route with the 22-megapixel 5D Mark III, but that paid off, too. See for yourself in the full post!

[News] Canon 1D X Available for Pre-Order!

Canon's flagship 1D X was announced quite early. But thankfully, it's now available for pre-order at B&H PhotoVideo or at Adorama! The 1D X features full 1080p video, better autofocus, an insane 12fps continuous shooting at the full 18 megapixels, and improved metering, among plenty of other features you'd expect from the best of the best at Canon. Find all the information you'd want on Canon's page. B&H even says quantity is limited, so if you want it anytime soon, pre-order now!