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Jack Alexander
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Articles written by Jack Alexander

How I Shot a Magazine Editorial With $200 eBay Strobes and a Kit Lens

I pride myself on bringing ideas to life using minimal equipment and whilst working on low budgets. I’m also in the process of setting up my second photography-related business, so I don’t currently have a ton of expendable income to splash on new gear. However, I recently invested in a cheap set of portable lights I found on eBay for a little over $200. Here I showcase a casual menswear editorial I shot using the lights and an inexpensive kit lens, as well as outline what you get for your money, how exactly I used the lights, and how you, too, can shoot professional images without breaking the bank.

Choosing to Be Semi-Pro: Meet LinkedIn's Global Content Marketing Leader Who Photographs Rock Legends by Night

Jason Miller works as the Global Content Marketing Leader at LinkedIn by day, but is somewhat of a rock 'n' roll photographer by night. With an extensive portfolio consisting of the likes of Marilyn Manson, Foo Fighters, and KISS, Fstoppers chatted to Miller to get his thoughts on working as a semi-pro photographer, and how he balances his day job with his passion for photography by night.

Google Releases 'Hollywood-esque' Low-Res Image Enhancement Software

We’ve all been there. One of our images is slightly out of focus, or one of our friends has fired over a super low-res image and, as their neighborhood photographer, asked if there is anything we can do to salvage it. Thanks to Google’s new image resolution enhancement software RAISR - which is drawing comparisons to the "magical" software we often see in TV and film - we may be in with a chance.