'Automatica': Man and Machine Make Music Together

Instead of fearing the future where AI takes over and leaves us with nothing else to do other than oiling their machines, Nigel Standford made a music video and used this "man against machine" concept. It's a DJ, who also plays guitar. The machines take over. Who's making the music? If I had to take it one step further, was the camera filming on an electronic camera rig or was it held and controlled by a DOP?

I can only imagine what pre-production went into this. The machines needed programming, the CNC cutting of the metal pieces, and making sure no reflections of the cameras in the perspex tables were all needed to be thought about and solved before they could shoot and edit the video together. The machines needed to look as though they were playing these instruments, and in my opinion, Nigel Standford did a great job.

I enjoyed the music and concept of man and machine taking on the art form that has shaped and still shapes our world today. I liked the way the artist collaborated with the machines and could work together to a degree. What skill do we have that, once learned by AI, cannot replace us as the creators? 

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