Glen Friedman: 80s Skateboarding and Hiphop Photographer

There are so many photographer's who I don't know by name but recognize their work once it pops up. One such name many of you may not be instantly familiar with is cultural photographer Glen Friedman who is most famous for his photographs of early skateboarding pioneers Tony Alva, Jay Adams, and Duane Peters, and rebellious hip hop artists like Ice-T, Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, and Run D.M.C. In this video Glenn talks about his work and in the second video he talks about what it was like growing up during one of the creative hot beds of American and World culture. If you are in the San Francisco in the next few days, check out his gallery showing at 941 Geary Gallery before it wraps up the end of the month. Oh and the first words out of this video are "Fuck You All" just as a warning :)

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Patrick Hall's picture

Oh and some of you may recognize Shepard Fairey who is sharing this exhibit. He's best known for designing the Andre The Giant Obey stickers and the Obama Hope posters you probably used on your facebook :) Good things come out of Charleston, SC!

Lee Morris's picture

This photographers images do not have proper white balance. Somebody get this man a color checker!

Martin's picture

hahaha, did you know they have a shelf life? for optimal colour...

Lee Morris's picture

Well then somebody get this man a new color checker!

dan stone's picture

nah i reckon he's just found hipstamatic and reprocessed his old pics :P
its a really personal video for me as i got into photography/video through skating, i enjoyed filming it more then stills and it kinda went from there for me. Subject and passion = great pics weather they be technical or not. plus Shepard fairy for good mix! woo :)

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Are you guys still talking white balance color on this? Goto the other some love

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Obviously kidding. Love both of their work.

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Drink a lot of soda so they call me Dr of the best and most inspiring pieces you guys have posted (outside of the FS originals of course and the Jersey Cast shoot). What an extraordinary time and props to Glen for capturing it. I see the common thread from your previous features on Brownie Harris/Bergman/Hurley in that trust and access to your subjects lead to unique, intimate and thus memorable shots.

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Was so stoked to check out Fstoppers and see this on here today. Glenn Friedman has been my favorite photographer since I was a kid... Growing up skateboarding, going to punk shows, and listening to hip hop I always could relate to this guy who was involved with it decades before I was. I'm really happy you guys shared this on here, it just made my whole day.

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thing is @patrick. you cant wb and colour calibrate FILM images unless you shuv them through a computer, and i doubt real artists will do that (and you have do do it for every film and different box of paper) (because they are all slightly different)