30 Years of BAD Photography

Bruce Dale is a veteran commercial and advertising photographer who has also taken some amazing nature and photo journalistic images over the years too. He's worked for National Geographic as well as the White House and companies like Nikon, Southwest Airlines, Caterpillar, and Acura. Finding success in so many fields of photography is not an easy task and that's why I love this career recap video that shows over 30 years of BAD photos. It moves pretty quick, but Bruce does take some time to explain a few of his most memorable images. I always enjoy watching videos from true professionals like Bruce since they really have 'been there, done that' which is not always true of the younger breed of photographers we have today. I hope you enjoy this weekend video and be sure to check out Bruce Dale's website too.

30 Years of BAD Pictures from Bruce Dale on Vimeo.

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Patrick Hall is a founder of Fstoppers.com and a photographer based out of Charleston, South Carolina.

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is the one with the woman in the water and boat and starfish a photoshop job? being honest it looks like a bad photoshop pic! cool video and love his stuff, very jealous of the places he's been as well!

I am curious if you are a pro photographer, because if you have never heard of light refraction you don't even know how a lens works.

Hah, I thought it was bad photoshop too before I watched the video

In looking at that picture again, nothing about it looks real to me. Anyone know how he took it?

"not THAT bad" :)

Thanks :)

The over/underwater pic could've been taken in a typical housing (or maybe something a lot more elaborate was needed, like a big box with a large, flat pane of glass), with a healthy coating of something like rainx on it.

They is a very similar pic on the ng site By Bruce, http://www.ngsprints.co.uk/p129396/Starfish-in-Clear-Shallow-Water-near-... And a large version of the orignal here http://www.lawrence.com/photos/galleries/2006/nov/12/bruce_dale/23433/ on his site he states his gear as "I used a Nikonos with a 15mm lens to produce an underwater panorama in 2005" the pic in question was taken in 2006 so stands to reason used same gear? I'm thinking it's a real pic but it's just crazy! And @Martin I'm not a pro, and I do know how a lens works, but my eye didn't agree.... The eye can be wrong which is why I asked :) that's how I learn.

I'm pretty sure if it was shot for NG then it is real, they don't allow photoshopped composites afaik

Its once shows that good is is good but BAD is better. ; )
Looking at his work it gives me hope in photography reminding me what a bad influence photoshop can be. ///

Really inspirational. The diversity of information that comes through fstoppers is really
outstanding. I wasn't so much interested in how Bruce Dale shot the boat scene but the beauty in all the photos.

Awesome video :) . Regards from Poland

I really don't understan how that first photo (the one on the beach) was shot!
It has such an amazing amount of DOF

Absolutely amazing, I feel inspired, thanks!

Its not about the destination, its about the journey..
Great shots Bruce

What a wonderful job, and great lab job too. Love it.

A great chronicle of one man's journey through the snap of his shutter..an inspiration to many photographers..

I think its a lot of photographers dream of doing that kind of work, to keep producing top images every shoot shows how good this guy is at image making. Nice video.