Behind The Scenes: Ben Von Wong Shoots 'The Underwater Realm'

A few weeks ago I posted about the outstanding newly released internet series, The Underwater Realm, and as promised I'm back with the full behind the scenes look at the underwater photoshoot by amazing conceptual photographer, Benjamin Von Wong. He explains how he was able to accomplish the shoot in the pool and how he brought all of the elements together to create a wonderful behind the scenes image of the entire cast and crew at work. 

If you go to Benjamin's blog post about the shoot you can find the full story including behind the scenes photos, a great lighting diagram and some amazing tips on how to prepare if you decide to attempt an underwater shoot. I think what I love most about the story is the fact that all Ben had to do is reach out and ask the people over at UWR if they would like to collaborate. It's a great lesson in: 'You'll never know unless you ask.'




You can read the full blog post at Ben's Blog here: The Magic Behind The Underwater Realm 

You can read some great Underwater Shooting Tips From Ben here: 9 Tips That Will Help You Prepare for a Creative Underwater Shoot.

Lastly Ben Von Wong has been nominated for a [Framed] Award for Best Conceptual Photographer. Congrats Ben! You can vote for your favorite artists and companies on [Framed] Be sure to show your support to Fstoppers, as well.

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Your FACE is boring. How can no one can ever accept anything nowadays. Why don't you go out and shoot something that's not "boring" for us to see? Jeez.

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I just hope Ben Von Wong doesn't become Ben Gone Wrong... or famous for electrocuting one whole crew filming in a pool. Believe me I've seen it in person... sometimes art, electricity and water don't mix up well. Just check out the Lighting Wall of Shame on FB.

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Pretty freaking cool. Thanks for posting Rebecca.