Behind The Scenes With Marc Jacobs, Madonna, and Louis Vuitton

Back in the Spring of 2009, Louis Vuitton creative director Marc Jacobs teamed up with music mogul Madonna produce their new ad campaign. This video is primarily from the point of view of Marc but that shouldn't prevent you from seeing how photographer Steven Meisel executed the overall shoot. I've always been a big fan of Steven's work, and after you watch this video you can browse through most of his extensive portfolio here. After clicking through 127 pages of amazing photo after amazing photo you will probably feel both inspired and completely worthless as a photographer!

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Shawn Brooks's picture

Great video....very inspiring.

Louis Rosenthal's picture

I hate to have to say this, but the exotic grass on some of the clothes don't fit the Paris look AT ALL. Other than that cool though :)

August Young's picture

Very cool.. Steven is an icon of Fashion and Marc? well he is Marc Jacobs.. Madonna is still hot in her 50s lol

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Awesome video! This is why i love FS would have never found this!

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Nice. I work at Louis Vuitton at the moment(i'm an IT contractor - besides being an amateur photographer) and in the meeting room next to my office is a huge print of the last image in the video. Cool to see how it was made. (two floors up is the Sean Connery pic by Leibovizt too^^)

However, I'm French, lived in Paris since my birth, and this doesn't look French nor Parisian at all - besides the location, somewhat a typical bistrot. Come on, accordion, again? What is it with this cliché?