[BTSV] Photoshoot With Hockey Legend Trevor Linden

Photographer Dave Hamilton takes us behind the scenes on his latest shoot with hockey legend, Trevor Linden. This video is very informative and well produced - including a lighting diagram for each of the different setups. Aiming to get that perfect cover shot for Vancouver View Magazine's April 2012 issue, Dave was able to get some nice shots using his Canon 5D Mark II.

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DOPE!!!!! Dave never fails

Sweet, great job Dave! 

Mark Kauzlarich's picture

I just would generally try to give the subject a heads up about what we're doing so they don't get miffed about running in a suit.

Wayne Leone's picture

 Yeah.  It sounded like it was the photographers plan but the model seemed to have been surprised. If he was, he took it well - but it would be very unprofessional. Also, I would have organized it with the gym owners to section off the thread mills for the shoot rather than trying to find an angle to hide the runners.

that was AWESOME!!!!!   makes me proud of my 5D MarkII...... key shifting is where its at folks....

Marshal Chupa's picture

Didn't think I would be watching this guy over my cereal and coffee this morning. Good on you Dave for putting the video together.

Always love Daves work and HUGE Trev fan... awesome stand-up guy and a great hockey player! Thanks Dave for explaining your shoot so well!!