How To Quickly Style A Model And Location For A Photo Shoot

The guys over a Lighten Up And Shoot have created a quick video that shows how they quickly created some very compelling images of a model with very little work. I think its very easy for us to over-think when we are on a shoot but sometimes the easiest answer is the best answer.

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These guys are so awesome!

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Great work guys!! Love the flag as the backdrop and back lit - awesome shots, my favorite ones!!

Thanks for sharing :)

Didn't Jerrit include this in his Wednesday Rundown a few days ago?

@Eric Caylor, Yeah he did :P

love the flag shots, thanks for taking the time to shows us how you do things!

what are those two songs in the background btw?


I really like the cool mood for the shoot, they seems to have a lot of fun just giving tips away! Great bunch of guys for sure!

Awesome vid guys, I'm going to have to check out their site more often.

By the way, I think that one website add you have is a scam.

It says 60% off for us, but when I go there; it only shows 20% off. Should take it down imo.

Meant to say *ad

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@Mike, Hey Mike, no it's not a scam, Creative Motion Design is a sponsor of our site. The sale just ended and we need to change the banners. Thanks for pointing that out

@Eric - this is part 2 from Wednesday Rundown

@Matthieu - Music by Jeremy Buck and The Bang -
(they were super cool to let us use their music)


I love the 2nd half of this shoot but is it me or did the first "non filled in" photo look way better than anything else in the first part of the video?

Totally agree.

Awesome and very interesting video guys! good work. This is a making of video :)

Thanks fstoppers for sharing!

Awesome job guys as always!

Great video, I met the guys when the came over to Dublin, Ireland for a few days, had a blast!!!!!

Ah, okay, just thought it was a little sketchy, my bad Patrick :P.

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@Stephen agreed. It's like Photography meets Improv. I heard they will be hosting a free 3 day CreativeLIVE class in the summer. Will def be checking that one out.

Great vid, thanks guys! I'd have put that reflector above her on the flag shoot rather than below, but each to their own...nice result anyway.

Great shoot, loved the images with the flag in background, nice idea and effective!

Great work and it's something we can learn from about over thinking (especially when it comes to fashion photography).