How To Shoot Models On A Tarmac

One of our reader's emailed me this fun concept photoshoot by photographer Levy Moroshan and I thought I'd share it with everyone this new year's weekend. The styling for this is pretty straightforward: fashion evening gowns with retro style airplanes. Most of the images are lit with just two Photek Softlighters and both the out of camera shots are shown along with the final photoshop edits. Too bad we didn't get to hear from Levy himself in this video as I'm sure judging by his portfolio he has a lot of useful tips to share.

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Awesome, well produced shoot. Unfortunately the styling and video outshone the actual still images they set out for!

Nice BTS look. Really nice to see the before and after photoshop shots - wish more showed that. Keep up the good work!

Erik V I agree with you 100 percent that the video production was far more superior than the shoot itself.

I love the photography and all the work that looks like went into it! Video is cool but wish there was more images. I agree with you guys that the video is the main focus especially since there are only a handfull of pictures. I love the concept and the images are outstanding! I would also have liked to hear from the photographer.

This was such a fun shoot! It was more of a video shoot for the makeup company. Kind of like a faux commercial that can be used for advertising. It was also nice to try and keep my equipment to a minimum. Since I travel for lots of my shoots, I try and keep my gear to the least amount and weight possible. While still getting the look I need for each client. :)

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What kind of post production tools or presets or techniques do you think were used here... I love this stuff.....

Great vid!! My only complaint is the shots "of" the Crane mounted camera and all the shots "using" the crane mounted camera... lol I understand that they rented the rig and are trying to get their money's worth but sometimes you can over do it a bit with repetitive shots like those. Kinda like a new film student overdoing the blur in and out of scenes because they think it looks artsy and deep.

I might be off base here but the reason the crane got more camera time than the models might just be that this BTS video IS about the production company and not the photographer. Either way I thought it was brilliant. Specially the out of camera to post image morph. The guy's got skills. I found a couple of the images from the shoot in the people section of his website.

Was hoping that we'd see some shots of planes taking off/landing on top/near models. That's a photo-shoot idea I have had for a while, but I'm sure the guys at the FAA would have a field day if someone was on a run way in the path of a plane!

Over all a good video but would have personally liked to have seen more of the airport type environment. This shoot struck me as "lets see how many shots we can get with a plane in it we can". Left me wanting more...

@Tomas +1 for your comments, plus:

I liked the way that the pre and post production stills were presented, however I think the shoddy, unnecessary crane work overpowered all the other content of the video.