The Underwater Snowboard Shoot

This is such a crazy idea and as I was watching the video I kept thinking about ways why this wasn't going to work. Well I was wrong. Scott Serfas had an incredible concept and he created an incredible image from it. More info and the final image can be seen here.

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Luis Luna's picture

An eccentric is a guy whose put two buckets of hydrogen and one of oxygen to get water.This is what this guy did, with a very simple composition and almost no money i think that photo could be make.
nevertheless looks great if i don´t see the video i never believe that this photo was made in one shot . Great!!

Wayne Leone's picture

Did the fish really pose for you in the shot or was it added in post? I'm Irish and I'm never THAT lucky! :P

CJ's picture

Awesome BTS vid! That shot looks to be way worth all the work put into the setup.

Charles's picture

What lens was he using?

Keith Hammond's picture

What lens and housing ? great shot

Hey!Geris's picture

nice shot) very nice)

Robert's picture

They say it's preferable to shoot everything perfectly in camera rather than doing extra work in post, but on this occasion I do honestly think it would have been far easier to shoot the fish at the level of the lake using one of those Costco / Sams pools separate to the snowboarder on the mountain side. The rock against snow is super easy to composite. The other big plus is that you'd have far more cool photos of the fish.

Serfas's picture

hey thanks for the compliments! i'm stoked you guys like this.

i shot it with an aquatech housing and a 15mm fisheye lens.

yes, i could have shot this in the studio or in different locations and photoshopped it all together. that would have been easier (and warmer) of course. but then where do you draw the line? shoot the snowboarder in the studio too, hang him from ropes and then add him later? maybe raise him a big higher, a little more upside down? then maybe eliminate professional snowboarders all together because really then anyone could do this, right? i photograph a professional sport and when you start altering images the integrity of the entire sport suffers.

Zak shelhamer's picture

This is so rad in so many ways... When I first saw this cover I was tripping, I knew what had to go into getting the shot but it's so sick seeing the full process and a snowboard photographer doing something creative. It takes so much for everything to line up when shooting snowboarding like weather, riders, pulling off the trick with style and to add a live trout in there with stoves is just rediculas. Nice work Scott!