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[Video] How To Shoot Fashion Quickly In Any Location

Columbus, Ohio based photographer Nick Fancher is the lifestyle photographer for the website JackThreads.com. JackThreads is constantly receiving large shipments of totally different types of apparel that need to be shot as quickly as possible. Nick takes us through a normal day of shooting that may involve multiple, totally different looking photoshoots. This is a fantastic example of how a poorly filmed video can still become a killer BTSV with some simple voice over information. The bottom line is that Nick uses the absolute smallest amount of gear to come up with fantastic images in an extremely short amount of time. I'm hoping that Nick has something big planned for our Behind The Scenes Contest.

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Kenn Tam's picture

Simple solid work.  Love it.

That man knows his light.
Very very creative.

this guy is a great shooter. His flow is so simple, i mean how many modifiers did I see the whole time? ZERO! His final images are sick. Great job Nick, really gr8 work.

Nicholas Gonzalez's picture

Awesome BTS. And solid advice on how to make good informative videos, Lee.

Patrick Hall's picture

talk a lot about what you are doing?  That's all Nick did here and it might be more informative than any other video we've received yet.  

Antoine Thisdale's picture

Yup, "SOLID" is the key word here. "Consistent", "Good Quality", "Simple" or "Effective" would also fit this work as well. Very interesting video as well. "Honest" is another one i'd use. 

thanks for sharing guys!

Wayne Leone's picture

Less is definitely more. Love the final images.

Antoine Thisdale's picture

Forgot to mention, it would be nice to see a second part with the quick and easy post process used here. Those pictures must be processed and delivered in a timely fashion. 


The Dark Room Co.'s picture


Alexis's picture

This guy should win the contest ! f*ck video dollies and stuff this IS content, I'd like too see more of this guy's work even if filmed with a 5 year old smartphone in the hand of a 12 year old playing on his gameboy at the same time.

Otso Kaukomies's picture

What the f*ck?! That was amazing! I mean those are some really good pictures, but in so short time those are amazing! Gotta be damn creative to pull out those photos in so short time (I bet he has some of those locations already in mind). Really got me inspired to play even more with my flashes.
The only thing that bothers me is why he have to use FP mode and not just use ND filters?

Nick Fancher's picture

Thanks everyone! And thank you Lee and FStoppers for the love! I may just have to do a follow up on my post work. In the meantime I will say just two words. Lightroom 3.

Killer work! Loved the narration as well. Nick you got a new fan!

Great work Nick, Im amazed on how creative you are with speed lights. Shooters like you give me hope that all that Profoto gear and softboxes, etc aren't needed yet. Gives me faith in my two little 580's and 7d. Thanks again for the vid Lee.

Chad Andreo's picture

Incredible Work!
What camera were you shooting with? Im wondering since I see the exif data shows the photos were taking  at iso 50.
Also, what trigger system do you use to sync up to 1/2000 sec?

Nick Fancher's picture

Canon 5DII. I use the Radiopopper PX system on 430EX Speedlites. My master unit is the Canon ST-E2 transmitter. 

Lawrence Atienza's picture

Wow. Great Job Nick. You've accomplished so much with not too much gear. I am really feeling your images. Enough that i'd love to send you a text interview for my online photography resource website http://photographysilo.com/category/step_1_get_inspired/photographer_int... Check out the existing interviews of some big name celebrity photographers and let me know if you are interested.

Thomas Ingersoll's picture

why do you use the Canon ST-E2 transmitter  in stead of the radio popper transmitter

Bryan Leighty's picture

Thomas -

Andrew Dobbie's picture


That is all.

Jens Marklund's picture

Great work, and I love Palladium shoes. Work on the audio though.

You should do a post process video as well, would be nice to see.

Awesome work here, Nick, great job.

Anonymous's picture

One of the far more useful and informational videos posted yet.  Great work Nick. Looking forward to a follow up on your post work.

Nick Shek's picture

Excellent work Nick, your BTSV content was informative and straight to the point, which is rarer than you might think! Would love to see more.

Golgo Thirteen's picture

This man is very GOOD. He really understands not only light, but subject matter. I am rarely impressed and this guy impressed me big time. He ability to adapt that fast and produce work that good, puts it in perspective of how big budgets are sometimes a huge waste when you can have an artist like this do it faster and cleaner and with more of a feel.

I take my hat off to this man.

Lawrence Atienza's picture

Would you guys be interested in learning more about Nick through an in-depth interview that i send out to select photographers found here: http://photographysilo.com/category/step_1_get_inspired/   ? I want to learn more about him for sure.

So, what u guys recon. Radiopoppers or pocketwizards? Is there any difference at all? My soggy old IR transmitter is over due..

Awesome video btw. I just want to run out at do flash stuff all day!:D

Andrew Dobbie's picture

Anyone know what that bracket is called that lets you mount the three speedlights together?

Nick Fancher's picture

It is actually a four-flash holder that can be modified to hold 8. You can buy it here: http://www.lightwaredirect.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Co... had to modify it a bit. The bolt threading was too small for the size bolt needed to go into the bottom of the flash shoe stand. So I drilled it out to a larger size and bought 4 normal size bolts from the hardware store. It is a nice piece of equipment to have. That way you can shoot four flashes through an umbrella from one stand.

Andrew Dobbie's picture

Thanks nick - also found this on my travels  -  looks pretty good and cheap!


Danilet Francisc's picture

How can you fire the flash at 1/5000 shutter speed?

Charley Bagcal's picture

Very impressive Nick! Wonderful job!

John Kantor's picture

Another miserable photography job. What a surprise.