Do You Know Who Dave Hill Is? You Should

I have been following Dave Hill for years now and recently he was hired to shoot a picture series for the March issue of Digital SLR Photography Magazine. Dave has an amazing style to his photography; it almost looks like an illustration. Check out Dave's website here and check out snapshots from this shoot right out of the magazine on his blog here.

090417 Girl on an Adventure - Behind the Scenes from Dave Hill on Vimeo.

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Sam Ashby's picture

I loved this feature in Digital SLR magazine, it's fantastic to have this behind the scenes video. It looks like it must have been a blast to shoot.

Thanks for sharing this.

Lee Morris's picture

I have not seen it in print yet. I'll have to run up to Barnes and Nobel

Patrick Hall's picture

By the way, does anyone know how to get in touch with Dave Hill? Seems like you have to go through his agency; is he on facebook or have a personal email?

Larry Sanders's picture

Love the behind the scenes video! Just wished we could have seen a few pictures of the shoot.

Lee Morris's picture

You can, go to his website in the links above

Pete's picture

Cool video, Dave Hill has been pushing digital images for a number of years now, and he's so young. Another young guy who does similarly amazing things both in the shoot and in the digital darkroom that I follow is Joey Lawrence.. I think he's 20 or 21 now, but if I remember correctly when he was 18 he had offices in NYC and London, booked solid for months at a stretch. Amazing!