How To Take A Punch To The Face

Kelly Kline is a commercial and editorial photographer based out of NYC and Atlanta who has a fantastic portfolio full of top professional atheletes. In this behind the scenes video she has teamed up with MMA fighter Matthew Polly for his new book Tapped Out. This shoot is definitely a commercial for the Profoto Pro-8a Air Packs but also shows what is possible when you push not only your gear but your creativity to the limits.

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Lee Morris's picture

That setup is crazy

Ryan Orr's picture

Why would you have this setup specifically? Why not use a high speed cinema camera like the Phantom Flex that has a resolution of 2560x1600 pixels at 1,455 frames-per-second. Unless that resolution isn't exceptional, why did this poor dude have to go through the number of punches he did?

If I was him, I would inquire as to why this photographer didn't rent the Phantom Flex (or like camera) to minimize personal injury. I mean sure...this type of shoot involves personal risk that I'm sure he agreed to waive, but the photography crew didn't minimize the amount of personal injury with this setup.

Still, it did produce great photos...

Lee Morris's picture

Because then it wouldn't be an ad for Profoto ;)

Patrick Hall's picture

This guy also looks a little suspect in being a top notch MMA fighter but I guess I've seen a lot that have been out of shape as well

MICHAELA D's picture

That was really insane!

Mark Fore's picture

That is whithout a doubt one of the most expensive setups I have ever seen.

Ryan Orr's picture


It still could be used as an ad for Profoto.

So what if you had used a cinema camera. They would simply take a frame of the digital film and use it as a photo. Same principles, less concussion.

Simon's picture


It couldn't be a Profoto ad, you can't strobe with a cinema camera...

IPBrian's picture

Wonder how many shots he took to the face to get the final.

Jason Young's picture

No way this dude is a MMA fighter. If he is I bet he gets his ass handed to him!

c.d.embrey's picture

@ Lee, guess you didn't see this:
Kelly Kline and the Pro-8a Air
Started by c.d.embrey, 10-01-2010 02:11 PM

@ Lee 2, Have you seen this stop motion music video done with multiple Pro8 Air?

Here the BTS video

@ Ryan Orr, They didn't use a Phantom because they wanted a high quality photo. A 1D IV is 4896 x 3264. Matt Polly is an author, these shot will probably be used for publicity for his MMA book. BTW Mr Polly is a Shaolin master, so those few were hits were nothing compared to his training.

@ Patrick Hall, Matt Polly is an author, the reason he fought in MMA for two years was to write a book. American Shaolin, his book about his training at the Saholin Temple in China, looks like a book I should read.

@ Simon, sure you can 8-D Clairmont was renting these cine strobes in the 1970s, when I first started in commercial production. If someone wanted to build the controller, I don't see why multiple Pro8 Air couldn't be made to work.

Andrew's picture

Cool setup. would be intersting to see a detailed set up of using the delay.

I thought we learned how to take a punch to the face in the previous "wedding fight" video haha

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En français SVP !

Donnie Bell Design's picture

Great BTS, had setup info, interview with the subject and photog, and plenty of cool footage from the shoot. Matt Polly is a trooper.

Carlo Parducho's picture

Best thing I've heard on any BTS video.