Jay P. Morgan Photographs Darren McMullen Trashing A Hotel Room

In Jay P Morgan's newest video he is shooting MTV's Darren McMullen. The concept is simple; create a hotel room set and photograph Darren as he destroys every inch of it. As we have come to expect, Jay P. gives us an inside look at his lighting diagram.

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Wow... 7 lights. That's a lot of paint for the canvas. Oh what I would do with such a rig.

the poor gold fish in the end...

They killed the two goldfish -_-

Love Jay P's real life commercial photographer feel to his videos. He shows it how it is. Hard work and lots of talent!

The video doesn't work for me =*(.  Using FireFox.

The Gold fish are living happily today. One of the crew took them home.

Patrick Hall's picture

was that fish bowl from the breakaway glass video?  

pretty sure its the same one, also one of the shots had them with a green wine bottle :)

Terrific & funny - as always. Thanks for sharing.

no animals were harmed during this set...........sike