Strangely Compelling, Constantly Inspiring.

Strangely Compelling, Constantly Inspiring.

There is one site that I consistently go to for inspiration . No matter how stuck I may feel or how many projects may demand my attention when I visit this dark and ominous page of collected brilliance I always leave refreshed. It may not always be safe for work, that part is pretty tough to predict as the work is always changing, but in my opinion the risk is worth it for the ideas and executions there. Not lighting diagrams, no explanations, just photography...lots and lots of amazing photography.

I'm talking about, the tumblr style photo blog created by Simon Engström, a professional photographer from Sweden. Not only am I a huge fan of the work on the site (which sadly I can't even try to credit as it's pulled from all over) but I'm always impressed by Simon's dedication to consistently finding new content. If you need a breath of fresh air...go get it.

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Astoundingly good work here...thanks for the direct.

well, its mainly fashion and for some it may be one-sided. 
i also advice leclownlyrique and imagespark. there is always an amazing nowness and newindustryarts. hell i give you more, probably one of the best is: americanX.
btw, here is a question. is there a sense for a photographer getting inspired by other photography?

Thank you for all of the other sites! For me it's not so much about getting inspired by other photography. I've always drawn inspiration from artists like Caravaggio. When looking at other photography however, I always approach it from the standpoint of letting what I see give birth to something new and different from what I'm looking at. I say to myself "that's really cool, but what if...?"

Know what I mean?

yes, i know what you mean! recently i look at photography in a special way also, i think okay, how this guy communicates with the people he shoots, how he communicates to us through his work, whats he`s trying to say and does his work represents something. and than i try to figure out how i rely to the photography i look at and does it reflects in me or not... 
but usually people just do what "they like" and for some reason they don`t move more deeply then just "likable photo". when i see more than just "good sense" i get inspired by the work.

caravaggio work is amazing by the way! have few of his books at home :)


Graham Marley's picture is a great resource too.