Behind The Scenes As Jeff Curtes Shoots Road Biking And Explains His Back Story

In the latest video from the "Life In Focus" series presented by F-Stop Gear, professional snowboarder turned photographer Jeff Curtes is interviewed about his beginnings in the world of photography, and he explains what he thinks is the key to his success. The video goes on to show Jeff hanging out of a car to shoot road bikers from mere feet away, while moving at a very fast speed.

Jeff's point really hits home when he says that "success really comes from knowing your subject matter and caring about it." Having intimate knowledge of a particular sport, industry, area, or other interest, can give someone taking photographs of it a distinct advantage. Small details that others might not notice or feature can be shown in a unique light.

Jeff closes with some inspirational advice– which could be applied to many fields, not just photography– by suggesting that you should "surround yourself with great people and don't be intimidated by projects that you think are beyond your scope of competency." Below are a few of his other images.




The behind the scenes video was made by Cameron Sylvester.

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Not personally a fan of the photography. The on-board flash is a bit too harsh for my liking but this video was really nice and well done :).

Tino Pohlmann has made shots like this of the bike and his site (or blog) has some nice bts images. Worth looking...