Benjamin Von Wong: Craziest Photo Challenge Ever

Von Wong, who you should all know by now -- if not from us, then from the million and one places he scurries around the world and online -- was given a challenge by a friend, Sebastien Roignant: "To shoot and edit an insane image involving two orcs, a witch king, warrior, villager and a cinema theatre...all in 4 hours without having any information ahead of time." Von Wong is also up for a [Framed] award for best conceptual photographer this year. Vote for him here.

Check out the video above for a behind-the-scenes look, or go to Von Wong's blog to read more about the project, see the final images and decide which you prefer. Either way, to do this shoot in four hours (half for shoot time, half for editing/compositing) is more than impressive. What do you think?

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Von Wong's picture

don't forget to check out Sebastien's work too!

Von Wong is a machine! 

Funny video.
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