Breathtaking Time-lapse of Planet Earth From the ISS

A new time-lapse of the planet that we call home has been released by editor David Peterson using photographs taken by astronaut Don Pettit while he was aboard the International Space Station. The sequences were taken during expeditions 29, 30 and 31. It's quite impressive seeing the sequences put together and witnessing just how beautiful our planet can be from space.

The photos were sourced from NASA's website The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth . You can also view another time-lapse that David edited including night sequences of Earth from space.

Via: Vimeo

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Simply stunning. Awe-inspiring work. On behalf of all the people who will never get the chance to view our planet in this way, THANK YOU!

Beautiful! What a breath taking view!
Now days we have so much knowledge about science and how the world works, and it's easy to loose perspective on how truly incredible our little planet is.

Thanks for posting!