[BTSV] Contorsion Models: Bending Over Backwards

Benjamin Von Wong just hit me up, from his facebook account, to let me know his latest BTSV is out. His 9th, here on Fstoppers, if I counted correctly. And this time no one had to be set on fire but they did have to bend over backwards.
Enter contorsion artist, Myriam Deraiche.

Photography : Benjamin Wong
Videography : Pakdi Decnud
Model : Myriam Deraiche
Camera : Shiloh Sheray, Pakdi Decnud
MUA : Lilly Smith Rep. Judy Inc.
Assistants : Myriam Francoeur, Erwan Cloarec
Script writer : Myriam Brouard
Special thanks to Ariel Levesque for letting us using his studio + gear !
Music : "Fading" by the Belgian band Amatorski
via [Pakdi Decnud]
From Kenn:
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Simon Ouellet's picture

Seriously, this guy is from my hometown and his work blows my mind every time it shows up here, but I just can't find the courage to ask him to assist. What's wrong with me ?

Von Wong's picture

I don't bite :P

Laurian Ene's picture

Psst, don't ruin the rumors, its less competition if everyone thinks you bite!

Kidding, great stuff & you're putting MTL on the map :)

Kenn Tam's picture

Gotta push the Canadian shooters.

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Simon Lachapelle's picture

Another really nice behind the scene! Keep it on with the good stuff Benjamin! 

Mr. Von Wong, my hero. Awesome as always! 

JimmySchaefer's picture

I've seen this type of photography before, what is it called?