Bulb Ramping Tutorial Makes Complicated Timelapses Look Easy

Bulb ramping is a technique used by time lapse photographers to adjust the shutter speed throughout the time lapse to compensate for natural changes in exposure. If you're looking to shoot timelapses of sunrises, sunsets or any change from day to night, this technique is critical.  In his latest tutorial video, BC based photographer Joel Schat takes us through the steps needed in order to create a bulb ramping time lapse with ease.

Watch in this video above as Joel takes you through all the steps needed to create a truly unique work of art. Gear used and a video of him using this technique are listed below.

Gear Used --
Canon 5d mark ii x2
Canon 16-35 f/2.8
Canon 24-105 f/4
Canon 50 f/1.2
Canon 70-200 f/4
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Heart of Vancity from Joel Schat on Vimeo.


[via Joel Schat]

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chrisnachtrieb's picture

dude, THANK YOU. impossible to find a comprehensive and easy-to-understand tutorial of this anywhere online. you are the man

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Bulb ramping built-in with Magic Lantern firmware.
Even you can program yourself scripts for intervalometers as you wish.

For cheap timelapses using a canon compact camera with CHDK, load some intervalometer lua scripts and boom cheap timelapse.

christian lacasse's picture

This is very good! Thank you very much for sharing. Looking forward to future posts!

Alex's picture

What is the advantage of bulb ramping over aperture priority mode? Exposure will change unpredictably, sun will get hidden by clouds etc. You will never be able to predict ramping parameters adequately.

P. S. Do you combine time lapse with HDR (exposure bracketing) shooting? I imagine it'd be appropriate, especially when shooting outdoors.

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Very Strong! This is going to help my next two time lapse shoots in DC and NYC at the end of the month!

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Anyone know the password to watch the video? Thanks!

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Hi, where can I find the password for this tutorial please?

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Please share the password for the video.

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I have the same request as a few previous posts. How do obtain the password to watch the video????


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A password to watch the video REALLY

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Hi, why is the video asking me for a password?