Captivating Video "Beauty" Brings Motion to Still Paintings

"Beauty" is a short video by Rino Stefano Tagliafeirro, and it's a captivating 10 minutes that brings to life still paintings with a somewhat eerie soundtrack that almost forces rapt attention. The manifesto is described as delving into the "enigma of beauty." I would say more, but this is just one of those things that needs to be experienced. Warning, this does contain painted nudes.

beauty fstoppers video

About the Director Rino Stepfano Tagliafierro:

Born in 1980. He lives and works in Milan .
Italian experimental animator and director Rino Stefano Tagliafierro studied at ISIA - Higer Institutes for Industrial Arts in Urbino and at IED - European Institute of Design in Milan.

He’s always loved to create situations of unusual worlds, invoking suggestions and memories that will live in the mind; always striving to excite, surprise and disturb the viewer,through a strong and careful attention to aesthetics but at the same time relying on important creative research and experimentation.
He has experience in the world of music videos, creating clips for various artists such as Four Tet, Stumbleine, Digitalism, Mobbing, M+A, ORAX and in the world of fashion, having made videos for Antonio Marras and Kenzo, and have collaborated with teams and video artists creating interactive video projections for exhibitions, museums and special events.

He has participated in many festivals and competitions, receiving international awards including: Festival international du film d'animation d'Annecy 2012, Ottawa International Animation Festival 2012, Video Art & Experimental Film Festival NEW YORK, Atlanta Film Festival 2013, Sapporo Short Fest 2013, Berlin Interfilm 2013.

For more on "Beauty," make sure to check out the website.

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Sean Mason's picture

That's pretty cool. A little creepy at times, but very cool. Loved that he used classic paintings. Young Girl Defending Herself against Cupid is my favorite.

Karl-Filip Karlsson's picture

10 min of magic

Ryan Sands's picture

This was astounding. Loved every minute.

Ulrich Berger's picture

Hm, I'm not convinced. The Art of these pictures is in the exact manner as they were painted. The movement destroy the artistic expression.

And the change is too weak to create a new art.

nineteen75's picture

Look up his work - william adolphe bouguereau it is exactly the same.

Jamie Schneider's picture

loved it. wont watch it on drugs though :)

George Loch's picture

AE Puppet tool :)

Ken Yee's picture

I can't believe you can do all this w/ Adobe Effects' puppet tool....he moved the bodies so much :-O

George Loch's picture

With a lot of Photoshop editing, you can.