Chase Jarvis Live: Behind Brain Farm's Art of Flight

Most of our readers should be familiar with Brain Farm. Basically they have been taking cinematography to the next level when it comes to action sports; think of them as the planet earth of extreme footage. Chase Jarvis recently invited executive producer Chad Jackson and pro snowboarder Travis Rice over to his Seattle studio to talk about the release of The Art of Flight. Watch the inspiring interview in the full post below.

After watching this interview, what really stood out to me was the level of effort that went into pushing the envelope beyond anything that had been done before. Having done an Fstoppers Original on Snowboarding myself, my eyes were opened to the world of guerilla film making and the obstacles that come with producing a film in extreme weather conditions. What Travis and Chad have done with The Art of Flight should be an inspiration to all of us creative types to not only set out and create something we are passionate about but to also raise the bar within the industry or niche in which we work.

It is no secret that Chase was a driving force behind the creation of Fstoppers, and it's great to see him continue to feature super talented people on his Live show. If you take time to watch this interview in its entirety, I have no doubt you will leave wanting to accomplish more with your own work.

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looks like a copy of a Warren Miller film

guerilla...not gorilla :)