Comicbookgirl19 Interviews Practical VFX Artist, Alec Gillis

Comicbookgirl19 has to be my favorite channel on youtube at the moment. She and her trusty side-kick, 'Robot', review the latest shows, movies and comic books. Recently she interviewed one of the greatest practical special effects artists of our time, Alec Gillis. They discuss why practical effects seem to be losing traction in the film industry and how it will affect future filmmaking.

Practical effects have always interested me as a child and always had me wondering, 'How on earth did they pull that off?' I think what Alec explains has a lot of merit and we need to stop and not blindly accept that digital effects are the way of the future and that is the end all be all, but that there should be a happy medium.

You can view the full interview below:

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This is very cool, but that chick is hot and distracting, despite her horrible haircut...

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most goth chicks are hawwwwt :)

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She's hardly Goth, but she definitely hot.

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she's softly goth,and hot-ish

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I hope he's successful in his project, but it certainly won't change Hollywood's perspective unless it somehow went HUGE. Hollywood right now, like every "good" corporation, is outsourcing to India and China, etc., and all the production houses in the US are going to just shut down or be owned by some Indian or Chinese corporation. Just look at Rhythm & Hues, who are now own by some Indian operation.

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"Practical VFX" is an incorrect term. Visual Effects are effects
created in post production (cgi, green screen, etc). Special Effects
and/or Practical Effects are effects done live on set.

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Yeah I relelized that after I published. I can't change the title unfortunately.

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Ah, bummer! Not being able to edit stuff is my worst nightmare! Wait, no, that's spiders.