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Create a Digital Masterpiece Composite from Every-Day Images

Sometimes those obligatory travel photos snapped on location are great on their own, but (at least for me) a lot of them aren't visually dazzling. Luckily, that can be rectified. Jonas De Ro recently published an absolutely breathtaking composite image psd.tutsplus that is jaw-droppingly amazing. Best part is, he shows you how to make it so all you Photoshop fans can try a similar project yourself. Turn ordinary into fantasy!

The images that De Ro uses to create his fantasy castle city masterpiece are pretty ordinary, but the method he uses to turn them into an outstanding work, though complex, look completely do-able if you have a decent grasp on Photoshop. He starts with images like this:



And through a very detailed walkthrough, shows you how to turn them into this:


The full tutorial on psd.tutsplus is totally worth checking into. What do you think? Going to give it a shot?

[Via TutsPlus, all images used with permission]

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Octave Zangs's picture

It's almost the <a href=";client=safa... rel="nofollow">Mont Saint-Michel</a> :)

Bart van Overbeeke's picture

uhm, yeah, because that's what he started with..

VMRelease™ App's picture

very cool BUT a hell of a lot of work and time to achieve, I was hoping to see a program that grabbed the various elements and did it for you. nice job!

Jaron Schneider's picture

Such a program would suck the art of out it, don't you think?

Spy Black's picture

That's entertainment...

Aaron P's picture

you wont a program that holds the camera for you too?

Jay P's picture

I think he wants a program that teaches sarcasm :)

Joey Duncan's picture

This....... this.....comment is the saddest thing I have seen all day. I've lost all drive to do anything and I just woke up from a nap and took a shower.

I..............I........................I...............I just......................

Adam T's picture

Nice work! I do very similer stuff, what type of screen lapse capture software do you use and does it give you stills or a video at the end?

Igor Butskhrikidze's picture

this is cool )

Will Lucas's picture


Greg Brave's picture

To me this is really shows that your vision, idea, are the most important in art. Everything else is secondary.

sikdave's picture

Effing cool.

Jason Ranalli's picture

Aaron Nace does similar stuff on Phlearn. One of his best Pro Tutorials, "Howl" is something where he takes many random, boring elements and makes a masterpiece. Quite amazing really.

Nicholas gonzalez's picture


Pixyst's picture

I expected to see a lot more groups given the complexity of the image. Is he doing a lot of intermediate layer merges?

Anonymous's picture

Easily done but very time consuming. Worth it though if for a very special or profitable project.