Creating a Photo That is a "Vision of the Future"

Aaron Nace from PHLEARN wanted to make an image that was based on the idea of a future where the sun had become so bright that humans would be forced to see the world through technologically-advanced glasses. Watch how they went from concept drawing to finished photo in their most recent tutorial.

There was a time when this kind of thing really was a vision of the future, but with Google Glass already here, maybe this still-somewhat-futuristic image will become commonplace not too long from now. I'll wish for flying cars next!



For the full tutorial, head on over to PHLEARN and while you're there, don't forget to check out their Pro Tutorials.

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execution is nice, but those 'technologically advanced glasses' look completely rediculous.

That concept drawing; I died.
Good shoot, though. Very retro-futuristic.

Worst concept, ever.

John Choate's picture

I paused at 0:57 just to see if I could make out the sketch. No luck. Overall, I like the execution. Seems like an 80's hollywood version of the future.