Doing Magic By Matching Frame Rate to Hertz Units

As photographers, we usually focus on matching photography parameters with other photography parameters: matching ISO to F-stop, matching exposure to ISO and so on. But have you ever tried matching a photography parameter with sound parameters? By matching the frame-rate (fps) on the camera to the Hz units coming out of the speaker you can create magic in video, without any editing. Create something your naked eye will never see.

The idea is simple: set your camera to shoot video at 24fps, and your speaker to blast sounds at the exact same number, but in Hertz units - which means: 24Hz. With this setup, the video will show the water like it's frozen in place and not falling down. Later in the video you can see 2 additional cool tricks: By changing the sound waves to 23hz, the water will look like it's actually moving backwards. By setting the sound to 25hz, the water will look like it's falling in slow motion.

[via Colossal]

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I looved the reverse effect! So surreal! :) 

Very cool! But (a) the word "it's," when you mean "it is," requires an apostrophe. And (b) this is much the same idea as Harold Edgerton's "piddler" machine-- shown at 3:16 in this video--40 years ago! 

Why is there no 2:16 in this video??? It jumps from 2:15 to 2:17... am I really real???

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Very cool.  Thanks for posting.

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must to try :)

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