Dustin Farrell's Beautiful Time-lapses - From Start to Finish

You may already be familiar with Dustin Farrell. If you're not, you should be. His time-lapses are incredible. Dustin's shoots all over the world, but some of his most epic are from the American West. In this video, we get to follow Dustin on location in Utah and the step-by-step process that follows.

From lighting the landscape (my favorite technique is the Coleman lantern wrapped in a pillowcase) to post-production (processing the raws and assembling the footage in After Effects), Dustin's process is completely on-point.

Check out more of Dustin Farrell's time-lapses on Vimeo.

Via Reddit

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Absolutely beautiful.
No matter how many timelapses of the stars and earth I see they still leave me awestruck.
We live in a very beautiful world.


Is there a doctor out here? I think my jaw needs little bit of medical help...

Just unbelievable works. That's just ridiculously amazing!

Truly incredible! What a great inspiring video!

Not 4:3 aspect ratio but 3:2

Correct. My bad.

Anthony Saleh's picture

$25, 000 slider?

Ben .'s picture

He wouldnt have been referring to a slider. Would be referring to bringing out proper dolly track and more than likely a panther dolly.
If thats the case then yes.... 25k easily

Just amazing! Yes, time lapse is cool, but I would be so happy to get a photo of the Milky Way!

I'm wondering if the 5d is better then my 7d for timelaps for the first time. Building my own slider now after doing this timelaps with my 7d by hand http://www.flickr.com/photos/gipukan/9458547003/

Really great workflow walk through here Dustin. One of the small problems I find in doing night time lapses is getting focus. Are you using AF to get your critical focus or MF with the LCD screen in live view?