Fearless Photogs: CBS's Look At The Adventurous Filmmakers From Sender Films

Fearless Photogs: CBS's Look At The Adventurous Filmmakers From Sender Films

CBS's Jeff Glor recently interviewed Pete Mortimer, known mostly for his work on this Citibank Commercial and the 60 Minutes special on free solo climber Alex Honnold. In this interview, Pete discusses the mental attitude needed for his line of work, and emphasizes how crucial safety is while dangling off of a rock. During the interview, a rock actually breaks loose in a brief moment of danger, which illustrates just how dangerous things can become. Embedded video in the full post.

Pete takes Jeff Glor up the side of a rock wall in Eldo Canyon for the interview, which is a great idea. What better way to help someone understand the pressure and care that goes in to safely working in dangerous environments. Pete talks about the challenge of following climbers into some really tough areas, but then having to shoot with high-end gear to create epic, memorable images. You can see the Sender Films crew working with Canon DSLRs while Jeff points out that Pete's crew must work with small, lightweight equipment.

The film festival that is eluded to by Jeff at the end of the video is the Reel Rock Film Tour. I watched this year's film just a few weeks ago, and to call it amazing would be an understatement. If you're into this kind of work, I'd definitely recommend checking it out.

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Awesome, thanks so much for sharing! This is something I've been wanting to see for quite a while now. I'm a climber myself and highly recommend the Reel Rock movies to moviemakers, the footage is simply stunning. It's like 4-6 long (20 minute) trailers for climbing movies.

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I have been shooting semi-professionally since 2007 for various climbing companies and editorials ( www.danlubbers.com ). It's great to see this sport/athletes starting to get the recognition it/they deserve as well as the film crew making it possible for the masses to see it. Getting the camera equipment to some of these places just to get the right angle, perspective or shot is no easy task. Hopefully this will help get some funding into a sport that currently doesn't have that much like other mainstream extreme sports and it looks like Rock Climbing may just be a future sport in the Olympics. 


Dan I think it actually will be, not sure if that's lead climbing or bouldering but I think I heard someone mention it'll be added.

Awesome to see Sender getting this type of publicity! Great post :)

ya there have been some really shitty climbing posts on here... nice to see a good one!

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suddenly no pictures on the hoem page -- wordpress can do better than THAT

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Harry Potter And The Fearless Photogs!

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 I saw that too Mike... sigh... really CBS? The Harry Potter font? What were they thinking...