Hitler Finds Out About The New Creative Cloud Model And Shares His Thoughts

The hot topic of the week around here has been the new Creative Cloud model from Adobe. We recently posted this video discussion about what some of us thought of it along with this article on why it may not be a good idea. There were great points made on both ends. However, like all popular things, humor follows shortly on the Internet. 

Without fail, this video showcasing what Hitler thinks of the Creative Cloud model just surfaced. He doesn't look too pleased! He also needs to wash his mouth out with soap.

[Via Evil Edison on Youtube via Facebook]

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This has to be one of my favorite fan-generated subs of this scene. I laughed pretty hard.

Haha this is pretty well done! I also liked the one somebody did on when Hitler found out about Google shutting down Reader.

Yes, Fuhrer, that sums it up. LOL. I cracked up at this one.

Like everything else in life...you gotta laugh!

I love how they aren't even speaking German. LOL

They actually are... And it's more funny if you don't understand German and don't get confused but the subtitles and voice.

The content of the subtitles doesn't match the content which is spoken. two completely different contents.

um...that's the joke. This scene is from a movie and has been re-subbed and re-edited to death.

Your comment is even funnier than the video.

I'm sorry, are you from the past?


Welcome to the Internet. Please keep your hands inside the car at all times. Enjoy the ride!

sometimes, when I don't go to 9gag for 2 or 3 months I feel the same! Don't be shy! ;)

Funny! This has been talked to death. Seems like most core customers (heavy CS users) like it or don't mind, but the light users are dismayed. One point I haven't yet seen raised is what I understand would be constantly automatically updated features. So you're working on a tight deadline, you launch PS, and suddenly PS has a new "feature" or workflow mod that replaces the way you're used to doing things. Without your consciously having installed new software and learning it. Meaning that somebody moved your cheese and you can't do it the way you're used to any more even though you have to get it done right away. And this is good?

The updates aren't automatic, you have to say "yes update" in order for them to be installed. You are also made aware of what all the changes will be prior to installing. It's just like any other software update you might get from Apple. Most won't even be noticeable.

well would be more fun if hitler was an adobe exec in this case.... annoyed how the customers do not obey.


Seid Ihr von nun an bereit, Eure ganze Kraft einzusetzen, die Menschen und Software zur Verfügung zu stellen, um die Adobe Cloud zu besiegen?

Adobe behauptet, die Kunden wehren sich nicht gegen die totale CLOUD.
Sie wollen die totale Cloud, sagt Adobe.
Ich frage euch: Wollt ihr die totale Cloud?
Wollt ihr sie, wenn nötig, totaler und radikaler, als wir es uns heute überhaupt erst vorstellen können?

Glaubt ihr mit Adobe an den endgültigen, totalen Sieg der CLOUD?
Unter Aufnahme auch der schwersten persönlichen Belastungen?

Ich sage NEIN!!!! Wir wollen keine totale Cloud!!


minor updates.. constant payment.. that is what the cloud is all about.
you have to pay anway.. so why develop new cost intensive features??
customers will have less influence on the development.. they have to pay anyway....
and some morons think that is a good idea....