How To Create Waterproof Kino Flos For Underwater Video is a blog that is following the production of an independent film that will take place completely underwater. Each week the guys and gals are releasing a BTSV which shows exactly what they have been working on. If you are interested in movie production, I highly suggest checking out their website. In the video below the team is forced to build an underwater Kino Flo lighting system. This video is 1 of 29 so there is a lot more quality content to be seen.

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David Lara's picture

Wow that is an awesome DIY project they are doing...can't wait to see how it all turns out.

Jason Peters's picture

I wonder how much light it is actually pumping out... if they are at a high enough intensity this is a super cool DIY project.

Nathan O'Kane's picture

These are not waterproof kino flows. They are waterproof tube style LED lights. The whole point is the threw the kino flows out!

Gus Munoz's picture

Great DIY project. Have you guys worked out what the cost difference is compared to purchasing the same amount of Kino Flows ?

Martyn Lyon's picture

Great video, clearly explained. Really excited to see how these turn out.

I just got really excited....

I would love to have a set of those.  I hope they follow through with posting the diy parts list and how to process.

David M Reynolds's picture

Hey guys, thanks for all the support!

Jason, the brightness of each bank should be around 16,000 lumens - so 32,000 for our full setup. Of course they are the factory figures, we will have to wait and see how these things stack up in the field!

Gus, a comparable Kino bank with 4 bulbs will set you back about £1000 GBP. If Everything goes to plan, our banks will be brighter, more efficient and have mains OR battery operation AND be totally submersible. And we will have two of them!

Current cost for everything is estimated to be £1000 including two sets of batteries. If we start manufacturing more to sell that figure shouldcome down to around £800...

Daf's picture

Very cool BTS - just the right level of tech for an initial video.

Matt Reyer's picture

where did you buy the LED strips?

Jenn Bischof's picture