Making a Composite Image That Is Larger Than Life

I really like the team at PLEARN because they consistently come up with great photo shoot concepts, but they don't just leave it at that. They also show you have to make those images yourself in a casual yet informative manner. This week they show you how to create a composite that takes a woman and puts her in a room that's just a little too small. The techniques they use are useful in all manner of shoots, especially if you want to create a composite image someday soon.



To read more details about how they built this set and took the photo, you should check out the full tutorial on They briefly cover the post production of this image, but if you want to get a ton of details on what went into this after the shoot, check out the Pro Tutorial coming out on Friday.

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Pixyst's picture

I love what Aaron Nace is doing. He comes up with these brilliant personal projects and produces them to a commercial standard - very inspiring!

Jens Marklund's picture

Fstoppers has come to be 80% composite/heavily retouched photos. 

We need some real photos.

Rob Luckins's picture

Awesome job guys

Lunga Soulfaktor's picture

Great work...and a beautiful image!

I thought this was great, thank you for sharing!!

Great work..