Making Films And Photographs Of Africa's Wildlife For 30 Years

Making Films And Photographs Of Africa's Wildlife For 30 Years

In a recent 60 Minutes special, CBS Reporter Lara Logan spent time with Dereck and Beverly Joubert in Southern Africa. The Jouberts have been shooting images and video of the wildlife there, for over 30 years. They have produced countless amazing images and have even created documentary films from the content they captured. Embedded video inside.

As Logan learns what it's like to live among the lions, we get to see some of the gear and techniques used to capture never before seen images of wildlife in it's natural habitat, with some surprisingly heart-wrenching stories unfolding before them. Beverly takes photographs and records sound, while Dereck shoots video. This 14 minute piece has some great insight on the work the Jouberts have documented, including clips from previous projects where they captured a pride of lions taking down an elephant at night, and follow a leopard for 3 years and witnessed it kill a baboon, but then care for the baboon's baby.

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No link or video?

Looks like it got cut off for some reason. It's back up now.


"Discovering the Secrets of Lions"
Great segment on 60 Minutes.  I went to their Lions & Leopards photo exhibit at National Geographic several years in Washington DC. The photography is spectacular as well.

2 years ago I viewed Dereck and Beverly Joubert on TED Talks. Very inspirational.

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We so awesome.