Photographers Share Experiences From Hurricane Sandy Alongside Their Images

ReutersTV put together this video of interviews with their photographers as they describe what happened to them during and after the destruction left by Hurricane Sandy, and how they worked to capture compelling images. The interviews are balanced by the powerful imagery that these shooters captured of the hardships people faced, many of them left with destroyed homes. The photographers included Shannon Stapelton, Chip East, Carlo Allegri, Mike Segar, Lucas Jackson, Adrees Latif and Brendan McDermid. The photographers describe the places they saw, but they also share some of the stories of the residents who lost everything to the storm.

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Jens Marklund's picture

They compare it to war zones and 9/11, then mentions one of the the tragic incidents where a girl lost her iPod... I doubt the girls that are the same age, living in war zones, has the same kinds of problems.

sander van der veen's picture

I find it a bit overdramatic, crying over an iPod.. c'mon.
Images are good though, but the rest is to much drama for me