Skateboards + Fire = LAKAIROMANIA

I just stumbled upon this amazing skateboard video moments ago. As I was watching it I thought, "man I wish I could put this on FS but I'm sure there isn't any BTS". I was pleasantly surprised to find that the second half of the video is all BTS footage. Enjoy!

"LAKAIROMANIA" from Marc Ritzema on Vimeo.

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Wow, who comes up with a budget for something like that?!

Sam Russell's picture

Lakai is known for doing big video stuff. Their first video was fully flared and had a pretty epic intro as well and was directed by Spike Jonze (

wow, that's pretty freaking awesome.

Screw the budget, who comes up with an indoor location and insurance for that?

This clip was made for a contest, best creative video awhile ago
think this one won it aswell :)

The grind down the flaming rail is what gets me. No fear from the skaters at all. I enjoyed the BTS as much as the actual video.

yeah you should check out the other skate and create's there all pretty mindblowing when it comes to videography and creative setup's but not all of them are as revealing as far as BTS