A Slightly Different Skydiving Video Shot With A GoPro

Most skydiving videos are extremely high energy. This video, produced by BettyWantsIn.com, has a totally different vibe though. Instead of the heart pounding "plummeting to your death" feeling, this video creates a calm almost floating sensation by taking advantage of the 60fps that the GoPro can shoot. I thought it was creative so I figured I would share it.

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Ghislain Leduc's picture

Tks for sharing! :)

Brad Goble's picture

have just released part 2 called “Experience Zero Gravity” and its
awesome! I personally think its better than the first one. Check it
out... http://vimeo.com/29017795

Michal Deluga's picture

Amazing one, thanks! :)

Jack McDade's picture

I'm assuming Twixtor was used here as well; some of those shots were way slower than 60fps. Still, beautiful.

Even though I don't do any extreme sports anymore and I have no use for it, I still want a GoProHD sooooo bad.

Dafydd Owen's picture

There are some beautiful ones about - this one was part responsible for me getting into skydiving. Love the skills of the firl at about 4:15 and then again later on.

Unfortunately I'm not qualified to take a camera up yet.

Anonymous's picture

Love it! I've jumped out of a plane and most of the time it does feel more like floating than falling.... Way cool

Eddie Medrano's picture

This was a Heavenly display in more ways than one! Absolutely wonderful work..

Bruno Delzant's picture

Any idea about the music ? I love it as much as the video

Remyyy's picture

"She is" - Salieri Music Inc

Anonymous's picture

Awesome !!! First Comment I'm making here after following since a little while. Thanks for sharing your discover, your tips !!

Jessica A's picture

That is amazing! I loved it, thanks for sharing!

Kellen Freeman's picture

I kind of love that it's an advertisement too. Great use of the GoPro's capabilities.

Anonymous's picture

The speed at which it was shot does make skydiving seem like floating and it's a very beautiful clip.

SmileyKeith's picture

So cool.

Tom VH's picture

Lovely clip! Everything went well... The sun, Gopro (YES, now I really want some!) Thanks for sharing this piece of art!

Evan's picture

Amazing I am speechless.   Nice one thanks for sharing...