A Slightly Different Skydiving Video Shot With A GoPro

Most skydiving videos are extremely high energy. This video, produced by BettyWantsIn.com, has a totally different vibe though. Instead of the heart pounding "plummeting to your death" feeling, this video creates a calm almost floating sensation by taking advantage of the 60fps that the GoPro can shoot. I thought it was creative so I figured I would share it.

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Ghislain Leduc's picture

Tks for sharing! :)

Brad Goble's picture

have just released part 2 called “Experience Zero Gravity” and its
awesome! I personally think its better than the first one. Check it
out... http://vimeo.com/29017795

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Amazing one, thanks! :)

Jack McDade's picture

I'm assuming Twixtor was used here as well; some of those shots were way slower than 60fps. Still, beautiful.

Even though I don't do any extreme sports anymore and I have no use for it, I still want a GoProHD sooooo bad.

There are some beautiful ones about - this one was part responsible for me getting into skydiving. Love the skills of the firl at about 4:15 and then again later on.

Unfortunately I'm not qualified to take a camera up yet.

Love it! I've jumped out of a plane and most of the time it does feel more like floating than falling.... Way cool

This was a Heavenly display in more ways than one! Absolutely wonderful work..

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Any idea about the music ? I love it as much as the video

"She is" - Salieri Music Inc

Awesome !!! First Comment I'm making here after following since a little while. Thanks for sharing your discover, your tips !!

That is amazing! I loved it, thanks for sharing!

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I kind of love that it's an advertisement too. Great use of the GoPro's capabilities.

The speed at which it was shot does make skydiving seem like floating and it's a very beautiful clip.

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So cool.

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Lovely clip! Everything went well... The sun, Gopro (YES, now I really want some!) Thanks for sharing this piece of art!

Amazing I am speechless.   Nice one thanks for sharing...