The Super Slowmotion 3D Of 'Dredd' Explained By Prime Focus World

The people over ar Prime Focus World who are responsible for the special effects and/or 3D conversion of films like 'Total Recall', 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows', 'Wrath of the Titans' and 'Tron', have made four videos in which Jon Thum, visual effect supervisor, sits and explains the filming process and post for the slow-motion sequences for the movie, 'Dredd 3D'.

In the videos he explains how the transformed Johannesburg into the fictional Mega-City One, how the utilized Pre-viz for their pre-production and of course how they shot the incredible slowmotion sequences that really made the film interesting.


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One thing that I really liked about this film was its use of slow motion to allow you to actually see the action taking place. Usually in 3d films the action is happening so quickly that it's either hard to focus on or appears blurry. I am not a huge fan of 3d but Dredd really stood out as one of the few films that could justify using it. The images created on screen had such a depth to them that you could almost reach into the screen, which says a lot compared to a lot of the current 3d offerings. 
Even though the storyline was very similair to Attack the Block this was the Judge Dredd film I have been waiting years to see, hopefully it did well enough to justify a sequel so we can see the angel gang and the dark judges in future follow ups!

i watched this one in the movie theatre and i was impressed with this slowmotion scenes... and i think this one is better than one with Stallone

Agreed. It was always going to have to undo everything the Stallone movie had done and then on top of that introduce the characters all over again.