Ten By Fotolia Shows Us A World Class Collaboration Between A Digital Artist And A Photographer

This video was incredible! Ten By Fotolia brought two talents together and gave us an all access pass at their creation. Eric Paré is a Montreal based creative photographer who is a master at light painting. Mike Campau is a brilliant digital artist who is skilled in retouching, image design, and CGI. Together, they bring us a great video filled with lots of information that everyone can take away from.

My favorite aspect of the video was the open approach about showing us exactly what they were thinking as they went along. Their styles are both eye opening and together, the results are exponentially unique. Being that Eric is a light painter, I was curious to see what Mike would do to take it to the next level and enhance upon the photograph. It was fun seeing Mike talk about his vision with where he would take it, showing us the unlimited possibilities of such a collaboration between talented people.

Without saying anything more, jump right in and check it out. The production is great and it will keep you engaged.

You can find out more about this collaboration here. I would recommend checking out more shows on Ten By Fotolia's youtube page and website.

[Via Erwarn Cloarec]

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final image isn't that appealing... is it only me?

I prefer your original CGI/ Digital imaging work. Simple and impressive. I am one of your fan!

I thought it was good, just a bit too much desat for my taste. Got a bit too crazy with the cheeswiz, so to speak, the cheezewiz being the Topaz plugin.

Spy Black? Are you Mike Campau? If you are, i like to tell you i love your work. I kept your work 'Motion in Air' as a wallpaper for quite some time as a motivation and inspiration. Well, i guess you are morphing to a new stage with the current work. I am just stuck with your past work :)

No I'm not Mike Campau. Although I just Goggled his work and I realized I've seen some of it. Nice stuff. It'll be a while before my 3D chops get there. :-0